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  • Targeted solid tumour therapy

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  • Solid tumour cancer technology

    A revolutionary targeted cancer treatment

Introducing Incanthera

Incanthera is a revolutionary oncology company with a unique pipeline of technologies that target tumours.

The lead cancer therapeutic opportunity is a new chemical entity called ICT2588, which has been designed to attack all forms of solid tumours while leaving healthy tissue unharmed.

We have secured investment from SPARK Impact, managers of the North West Fund for Biomedical, to provide capital for Incanthera’s development plan and are now looking for further investment to progress to Phase 1 clinical trial.

Patient benefits:

  • Improved life expectancy - significant delay in tumour growth and potential cure when used in combination therapy
  • Fewer side effects – only attacks tumours thereby minimising the side effects, commonly seen in chemotherapy treatments
  • Reduced frequency of treatment – potential cost savings for medical professionals and less disruption for patients
  • Greater efficacy and improved therapeutic index – due to specific targeting can intensify dosage without causing systemic toxicity

Incanthera is managed by a highly experienced team drawn from commercial, scientific, and regulatory backgrounds. Click here to meet the team.