Why invest?

Incanthera’s current focus is Skin + CELL, its luxury skincare brand, utilising ground-breaking formulation and delivery expertise, to bring scientifically proven formulations to cosmetics and unmet skincare solutions.

The skincare market is vast and growing rapidly with global revenues projected to reach $180 billion by 2024. Incanthera is focussed on the recognised demand in these markets for innovative formulation technologies.

Utilising its unique formulation expertise and delivery technologies to activate skin’s cells to perform optimal repair, restore and protective functions, Incanthera has developed Skin + CELL, a unique luxury skincare brand. Independent studies have shown Incanthera’s technology is uniquely effective in delivering Bioactive B3 below the dermal barrier, energising the living cells of the skin to optimise cellular health, energy and protective capabilities.

In December 2023, Incanthera announced a commercial skincare deal or the launch of Skin + CELL, with Marionnaud Switzerland and Austria (“Marionnaud”), part of the A.S. Watson Group (“A.S. Watson”). A.S. Watson is the world’s largest international health, beauty, and lifestyle brand retailer with 16,100 stores serving 5.3 billion customers across 28 markets.

Incanthera’s unique skincare range will be launched and available exclusively initially in Marionnaud’s stores in Switzerland and Austria from Q2 2024 with the roll out into the remaining 1,100 stores across European markets expected to follow thereafter in 2024. Further rollouts are being planned across Asia. These are considered ideal markets for our products given the consumer focus on skin-health and beauty and A.S. Watson’s sheer dominance in these retail markets.

The launch of Skin + CELL with Marionnaud is transformational for Incanthera and based on the potential market forecasts of Marionnaud, is expected to generate significant revenues.This includes a 10 year pipeline deal with the ICT at Bradford University, securing first rights to any new oncology IP from the ICT.

The Company's current focus is a range of dermatological applications utilising its unique formulation and delivery technologies to meet currently unmet needs in the skincare market.

The skincare market (including dermatology and cosmetics) is vast and growing rapidly, with global revenues projected to reach $180 billion by 2024.