The sustainability of Incanthera is evident in its mission statement: Transformative therapeutics 

The Company was conceived to identify, acquire and develop quality, groundbreaking therapeutics to bring faster, improved options for care, and enhanced quality of life.

From our origins in the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics, the technology within Incanthera’s portfolio is dedicated to enhancing the outcomes of patients by through the identity of more targeted, sophisticated formulations and delivery technologies.

Some years ago, we established a PhD Doctorate Programme with the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics to fund research from new students into supporting new technological innovation in this essential cause.

It is a privilege to work within this field and it is a personal driver to our everyday work ethic. There is a progression towards a partnership between proactive responsibility for our own health and the most innovative solutions to modern disease in the most effective and least problematic approach.

We believe that as a team who have built the Company together over the past years, we are strong, lean, and exhibit core standards and truths of an inclusive workplace that ensures everyone feels welcome, valued for their contribution and can perform at their best. Each member of our team brings passion, expertise, devotion to the cause and a great sense of social strength to match the corporate outlook. A strong core of like-minded and committed people protects the current and future successes of our Company as we grow and develop our business in the years to come. The Board comprises individuals who all have a background in commercial and healthcare industries, and the senior management team shares the passion and commitment to drive progressive, novel treatments, each bringing unique skills sets to produce a strong, combined team that covers all areas required to make this business a success. We all stand by the beliefs of diversity, inclusion and well-being as well as a strong work ethic and a commitment to our shareholders to build on the trust and investment, to ensure the progression and success of this business. In order to reward and thank the loyalty of our team, we have put in place the provision for effective reward and benefits’ programmes that will, at an appropriate time, allow us to repay the self-sacrifice of the team but also in future to attract, motivate and retain the best talent in our field. Well-structured benefits’ packages support colleagues to meet their current and future financial needs. Colleague opinion and input is sought to support and inform our decision-making, increase engagement and drive innovation. The safety and well-being of our colleagues is the Company’s first priority. A workforce that is safe and physically and mentally healthy is the foundation of everything that Incanthera stands for.

Within the over-riding ambition of the Company, is the desire to look to the future of our planet. Throughout the identification, development and progression of our technologies, is the consideration of the impact upon our climate and environment, and our aim is to mitigate those in any way we can. The Company operates virtually, maintaining a registered address in Manchester, but is proud to promote a lean, skilled team, each working from home, unless group meetings are required, thus ensuring travel, fossil fuel emissions and carbon footprint is mindfully observed. We seek partners who can take our new medicines to market without the need for duplication of resources, manufacturing and other strains on our environment.

As a public company, we will be ensuring, with the challenging backdrop that every business currently faces, that investment remains deployed within the business, sustaining, progressing and building on the successes so far. The virtual and lean nature of our business ensures essential costs are minimalised to retain value for shareholders. A business should meet the needs of multiple stakeholders, not just shareholders. Colleague opinion and input is sought to support and inform our decision-making, increase engagement and drive innovation.

It is clear that companies who show responsibilities towards patients or clients, employees, their stakeholders and the economy, but also to the wider picture, considering our obligations of sustainability, ethical and social care of our planet, are those that have their eye and the will of their team and shareholders encompassed towards success for all.